Leila Aigbedion who is of Nigerian descent was born in the Netherlands and discovered at the age of 14-years old in Amsterdam. A successful career in modelling soon ensued leading to her participation in the Miss Supranational Netherlands 2013 pageant which she won. Leila is the first Afro-dutch who represented the Netherlands international. 
She participated in the miss North Holland 2012 pageant, where she finished in the top six, the miss Excellence pageant and Miss Beautiful Africa, where she took second place. Leila represented Nigeria at the miss Multiverse - election 2012 , a global election between 28 countries where she earned 4th place. Leila won the Miss supranational Netherlands 2013 beauty pageant and represented the Netherlands in Minsk, Belarus as the first Afro-dutch representative of the country. 

In 2015 she participated in the Miss Netherlands competition, she was one of the 12 finalists. In 2016 Leila also won the Supermodel Netherlands 2016 title , and represented the Netherlands in India, Delhi. Leila made the top 15 and got a special award for best in talent. Sinds then Leila has a rising career in hosting/anchoring events and tv. 

One of her missions is to fight for black models in the Netherlands, because they are beautiful. in addition to her work as a model, presenter, catwalk coach; dancer and miss election winner she also is a nurse. Leila also gives classes/workshops in afro-dance, she is a perfectionist and has a lot of perseverance. 

Leila is the  the official founder, CEO and national director of Miss supermodel worldwide africa. The licence holder of face of beauty Netherlands and Miss supermodel worldwide Netherlands. Before the judges and an audience can enjoy the smiling faces, ornate gowns and talents of the woman in a beauty pageant, a coordinator works behind the scenes to put the event together.



For more information please visit www.misssupermodelwwafrica.com



  • MAFB fashion battlemodel 2011 (Netherlands)
  • MAFB fashion battle 2012 (Netherlands)
  • African beauty award 2013 (Netherlands)
  • Best in talent award 2016 (India)
  • Official Host/Anchor 2017 (India)
  • Award of excellence 2018 (Canada)


  • Mrs Multiverse Nigeria 4th runner up 2012
  • Miss Noord holland finalist 
  • Miss Supranational Netherlands 2013
  • Miss Nederland 2015 top 12 Finalists 
  • Miss supermodel Netherlands 2016