Catwalk & training

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In collaboration with Lyron martina I organize several catwalk training, for both professional and starting models, beauty pageants and emergency training or just in the private sphere as a corporate event, bachelor party or parties.

It's no secret that the way you look at yourself affects how you come across to others. The catwalk training I-AM is aimed at bringing out all its inner beauty. It's about freedom, power and expression, but above all in terms of positivity. Growing confidence that you can show yourself in public and most especially to the world


The workshop "I-AM no just for models"


purpose; Take this opportunity to agree with yourself  observe and learn how you come across to others and what language you speak with your body.  With the trainers of I-AM, you will learn the tricks and techniques to make you walk with grace on the street and you will put forward unique individuality.

Develop your own signature walk!